Food Photos * Recipes

Catered gator
catered gator

Chorizo tacos
taco tuesday, chorizo tacos

Nom yen
nom yen
nom yen and ginger tea

Brick toast
brick toast
brick toast

Brisket on garlic toast
sloppy cow

Jerk pork, rice and peas,
plantains, cabbage
jerk pork

"Deep" dish pizza

Cheese pizza
cheese pizza

Cadillac margarita
cadillac margarita

Blood orange margarita
blood orange margarita

Ceviche tostada
ceviche tostada

Camarones a la diabla
camarones a la diabla


Tom Yum Goong salad
tom yum goong

Vanilla bean ice cream, fresh raspberry, fresh blueberry,
raspberry syrup, black berry syrup, crushed peanut,
whipped cream, and a waffle cone.

the witch

Bluefin sashimi
bluefin sashimi

Spicy miso ramen
spicy miso ramen

Tempura fried cheesecake
with housemade red bean ice cream
tempura cheesecake with red bean ice cream

Take away sushi.
New Zealand, Orlando, and California rolls
sushi rolls
sushi rolls

sushi rolls

The Impossible burger.
impossible burger

Come for the churros...
churros and ice cream

Stay for the Mariachi
mariachi band

mariachi band
pizza picnic

Shahi paneer and
chilli naan take-away

shahi paneer

Taco truck
chorizo taco truck


Coffee shops
Coffee shops
Chain restaurants
IHOP, Longhorn Steakhouse, Hooters, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory,
Waffle House,
Huey Magoos and more.